Working at BCHS

Welcome to what we know will be an exciting career at the Brant Community Healthcare System! Working here is not like working at any other healthcare organization. Our commitment to the needs of our patients, families, and our employees has been recognized by Accreditation Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. We have been recognized as a Hamilton-Niagara top employer for 2017.

Smoke-Free Property

Our hospitals are a 100% smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited on all hospital property including the parking lots.  This includes both tobacco and cannabis.

Scent-free Policy

In response to the rise in scent allergies among the patient and employee population, BCHS has implemented a scent-free policy, which requires staff, physicians, students and volunteers to refrain from using scented products before or during shifts.

Employee Appearance

The Brant Community Healthcare System strives to be an organization where employees enjoy their work environment while creating extraordinary results. We also want it to be a place where open communication comfortably across all levels.

To help meet these goals, BCHS has a dress code policy in place. Here are highlights; the full policy is available on the BCHS Intranet, known as VSNet.

  • Employees are expected to dress in a manner that presents a professional and neat personal appearance. It is also expected that all employees will maintain normal and reasonable personal hygiene and grooming standards that in no manner distracts or could have an adverse effect on patient care, interaction with patients, co-workers, parents and visitors, or other work related interactions.
  • All employees, contractors, students and volunteers are required to wear name badges while on duty in either site. The badge must be worn in such a manner that the individual’s name is visible and can be easily read.
  • Clothing or accessories that present safety concerns, including but not limited to open-toed shoes, sandals or excessive jewelry are not permitted in patient care areas. At the discretion of the manager, an employee may be asked to remove an item that poses a safety hazard to his/her work environment.
  • Employees are permitted to wear only those items of apparel, insignia and/or other identifiable objects that are regular and customary for clothing being worn in an Institution and/or businesslike work environment. Reasonable accommodations will be made based on religious and/or cultural observances or practices such as, but not limited to, style of dress, head coverings, facial hair grooming requirements.
  • Piercings (other than on the ears) and tattoos should not be visible.
Uniform Store

Dress-Down Fridays

  • Choose business casual clothing that communicates professionalism.
  • Take your Friday schedule into account when you are dressing. Casual business attire means clothing that allows employees to feel comfortable at work, yet appropriate for a professional environment.
  • Casual business attire includes, but is not limited to: slacks, khakis, sport shirts, polo and cotton shirts, golf shirts, skirts and dresses, denim skirts, jeans, walking shorts, turtlenecks, sweaters, loafers, and sandals.
  • We ask that you NOT WEAR halter-tops, beachwear, workout attire, tank tops, tee shirts, spandex or other form-fitting pants, or distracting, offensive or revealing clothes. In addition, we ask that you not wear thongs or slippers.
  • Any employee who performs any work assignments in patient care areas must wear closed-toed shoes. The primary purpose for this requirement is for safety reasons.
  • Leaders are responsible for interpreting and enforcing dress and grooming standards in their areas of responsibility.

Personal Electronic Device Use

At BCHS, we recognize that our employees will be using technology to stay connected with their friends, family, and in some cases, co-workers. At the same time, we cannot allow the use of personal electronic devices to adversely affect patient care or workplace efficiency.

We have developed a policy around employee use of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and other social media devices, which can be found our internal staff intranet site. This policy limits the use of such devices to personal break time and, where necessary, work-related communication during active duty.

Employee Recognition

The Brant Community Healthcare System recognizes the importance of appreciating commitment and acknowledging outstanding contributions to the hospital’s mission of improving the health of all of our patients. Human Resources provides an array of activities on behalf of the organization to meet these objectives.

Find out about rewards and recognition.

Length of Service Recognition

We recognize our employees for their loyalty through our Employee Service Awards. Recognition is given at 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 and beyond.

Work/Life Programs

The organization offers a number of special programs and services to help you balance the demands of work and home life. These are just a few; for more information after you start work watch employee publications and VSnet.

Employee Assistance Program

Our provider, Homewood Human Solutions, has developed an online, interactive wellness site that offers resources and tools to assist in constructing a solid foundation for good mental health. The site shares information about how you can take a constructive approach to mental health by harnessing your own emotional energy, creating a framework of social support, and connecting with the right professional help. If you have any questions, please contact EAP Services at Homewood Human Solutions.Because BCHS is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of its employees, the organization has invested in a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program.

Corporate Discount Program

The Corporate Partnership Program is a list of businesses that provide their products and/or services to BCHS staff, physicians and volunteers at a discounted rate.

  • The BCHS requires each business to provide a contact person
  • The BCHS requires each business to provide, in writing, the details of the discount or incentive (% off, etc.)
  • Discounts are to remain consistent (no frequent changes)
  • No “one-time deals” will be permitted
  • No contracts will be signed
  • The BCHS will advertise the corporate partnership program to its employees, physicians and volunteers via intranet, bulletin boards, new hire packages
  • To encourage fairness and partner equity, information will only be distributed when it includes ALL partners within the program
  • No individual advertising will be permitted
  • Staff may be asked to provide proof of employment/volunteering etc. with the Brant Community Healthcare System by showing their I.D. badge
  • Brant Community Healthcare System has approximately 2300 staff, physicians and volunteers


Blair Hains
Public Affairs & Communications Manager
519-751-5544, ext. 2248

Our Corporate Discount Partners

Computer Access and Services

  • E-Mail
    All BCHS employees receive an e-mail account. If your supervisor has requested that your account be set up prior to your orientation date, you can expect to receive a user name and temporary password at orientation. All users are expected to access and check their email frequently. Important notices and elearning assignments come through email and the expectation is that you will respond. Under BCHS policy, e-mail correspondence is the property of the organization, and employee e-mail communications are NOT considered private.
  • Clinical and Financial Systems
    Access to clinical and/or financial systems depends upon your job role, and requires prior approval by a supervisor. In some cases, an additional form is needed to document your need for access. Training is required before you are given access to any clinical or financial system; this training will take place during your orientation period.
  • Remote Access
    All BCHS employees are granted email access from home. You also may have permisson to receive access to selected BCHS systems, software and files. You will receive further instructions after you begin work.
  • Intranet
    The BCHS intranet, known as bnet, is accessible through any computer workstation in the organization. The intranet is a valuable resource for news and events, policies and procedures, details on initiatives such as patient privacy and information security, and more.
  • World Wide Web
    According to BCHS policy, the Internet should be used for business-related purposes and minimal personal use only. The hospital’s computer network automatically blocks some sites deemed to be inappropriate for staff use.
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