Your child will be coming to the Brantford General for surgery. Both you and your child are probably anxious about the surgery and the hospital visit. You may find it helpful to look through your pre-admission booklet and this web page with your child. Being prepared and knowing what to expect makes the experience less upsetting for you and your child.

A Visit to the Hospital

When you arrive, wearing comfortable clothes and with a favourite toy, you will come to the D Wing entrance and take the E Wing elevator to L1.
nurse giving child a teddy bear The nurse knew you were coming and will put a bracelet on your right arm--your stuffed toy gets one too. It has your name on it. This bracelet needs to be worn while in the hospital - The nurses will give you a pair of pyjamas with stripes that tie at the back.
doctor putting a patient under anaesthesia

Mom or dad will walk with you to the operating room when it's your turn. We're sorry but we can't allow brothers or sisters or other relatives or friends into this area. You will be able to take your stuffed animal with you.

The nurses in the OR have to wear special clothes, everything has to be very clean. Mom or Dad and you can ask the doctors and nurses questions. You will meet the anaesthetist -- That is the doctor who gives you special medicine to put you to sleep for your operation.

Mom or Dad will be waiting in a special waiting area while you have your operation. The Doctor will come and tell them when the operation is over.

waking up a child patient from the surgery

When you wake up you will be sleepy, either Mom or Dad will be there and will give you some water to drink. After the operation people need to drink. The "wake up room" is a very busy room and you will only be able to have one person stay with you.

After your stay in the "wake up room" also called P.A.C.U. by the nurses, you will stay until you wake up more, have a drink and the nurses say it's time to go home.

pushing child patient out of hospital in a wheelchair When it's time to go home, you get to ride in a wheelchair down to the main floor. Mom or Dad have been given instructions by the nurse and doctor on how to take care of you.

**Please Note**

Remember that surgery booking times are approximate. If there are any cancellations or emergencies that day, your child may be called earlier or later. When you leave your child, reassure him or her that the doctors and nurses will take good care of them and that you will see them soon.

Drinking is important after tonsil and adenoid surgery, but since your child's throat will be sore, you may have to encourage him/her to drink.

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