Spiritual Care


The essence of spirituality is discovering a sense of purpose or meaning in life. There are many ways people give expression to this sense of purpose/meaning-making and our Spiritual Care team respectfully honours the various expressions of spirituality, religious or otherwise that a client(s) may draw upon for spiritual strength. Members of our Spiritual Care team seek to provide holistic, client-centered spiritual care to patients, families, and staff.

Our Spiritual Care TeamSpiritual_Care_2015.jpg

We identify our Spiritual Care team members as chaplains. Chaplains are professional members of the hospital’s inter-disciplinary healthcare team who come alongside patients, families, and staff during times of crisis, transition, and healing with the intent of promoting and enhancing spiritual well-being. Chaplains provide a compassionate, non-judgmental presence and help patients and families manage their spiritual and emotional distress and questions. At times chaplains may provide a spiritual perspective, prayer, a blessing, a sacred ritual, or facilitate bringing in community spiritual care providers if the patient or family so desires. 

Our hospital chaplains can be reached at 519-751-5544, ext. 2480.

Full-Time Spiritual Care staff:

John Arthur, ext. 2480

Part-Time Casual Spiritual Care staff:

Carol Caswell, ext. 4212

Dawn Azzopardi McClelland, ext. 4212

Community Spiritual Care Partners

Our Spiritual Care team works in partnership with community spiritual care providers (clergy and volunteers) who care for patients. We respect that a spiritual care provider from the community may be the primary source of spiritual care for patients and families of patients and can help with contacting these care providers. Local clergy have full-access to the hospital, 24/7. New clergy are encouraged to contact the Spiritual Care department to arrange for a hospital identification badge. 

Spiritual Care Offices and Worship Center

The spiritual care offices and worship center are located on A Wing, Level 2.



Our multi-faith chapel is a light-filled space that is spiritually themed. All areas of the chapel are wheel-chair accessible and there is plenty of seating available. The chapel is well suited to meditation, reflection and prayer. Each Thursday 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM there is an ecumenical Christian worship service programmed by spiritual care volunteers.

Quiet Room

If you are experiencing spiritual distress or are looking for a place to pause and reflect our quiet room is a comfortable space set apart for these spiritual needs.

Clergy Resource Room

The clergy resource room is provided for local clergy and spiritual care volunteers and is equipped with storage lockers large enough to hold a purse or hand bag. Supportive literature is provided and there is a computer for accessing patient religion lists. Parking validation tickets for out-of-town clergy may also be found here. 

Music Therapy

The Spiritual Care department at BCHS believes music therapy is a valuable part of care for the whole person. More information about music therapy can be found on the Music Therapy page of our website.

Referral Process

Direct referral for spiritual care may be made to our staff chaplains. This can be done in person or by leaving a message at 519-751-5544, ext. 2480. If leaving a message, include your name and contact information, the patient’s full name and room/bed number (if known), as well as a short description of the presenting issue/need.

In the event of a spiritual care emergency, if unable to contact a staff chaplain, please call the hospital switchboard at 519-751-5544, ext. 0 to contact the On-Call Spiritual Care Provider. On-call spiritual care support is available 24/7 with our staff chaplains covering Monday 8:00 AM – Friday 4:00 PM and community spiritual care providers covering weekends

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