This is the examination of the bladder using a narrow, thin, hollow metal tube, or cystoscope. It is inserted through the urethra and advanced into the bladder. At the end of the scope or tube is a light source and special lenses, thus enabling the doctor to see the bladder walls. Brushes can be inserted through the tube to pick up cells for microscopic examination.

How will I feel after my procedure?

  • You may feel slightly nauseated
  • You may feel light-headed, dizzy or sleepy for 24 hours after an anaesthetic
  • You may have a slight temperature for two (2) days
  • You can expect to have mild discomfort, frequency or dribbling when passing your urine- this is only temporary and will subside gradually
  • Your urine may be pink in colour and you may pass an occasional small clot

You need to call your doctor if

  • Your temperature is higher than 101°F or 38°C
  • You have bright red bleeding in your urine
  • You have severe pain when passing your urine
  • You are unable to pass your urine
  • If you cannot contact your doctor, go to the nearest Emergency Department

For 24 hours after your surgery do not…

  • Drive a vehicle
  • Operate heavy equipment
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Make any important decisions

How should I care for myself after my procedure?


  • Eat light foods for the first day, such as tea, toast, soup and Jell-O®. Drink extra fluids
  • If diabetic, follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding diet and medication

Activity and Exercise

  • Have a responsible adult stay with you for 24 hours
  • You will need to rest for a few days following your surgery
  • Ask your surgeon when it is safe to return to your regular activity and work


  • Take only the medication for pain that your surgeon prescribes
  • Follow your surgeon’s advice on resuming your usual medications

Follow-Up Care

  • Be sure to ask your surgeon if you need to return for a visit
  • By following your instructions and taking good care of yourself, you should recover quickly and safely
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