New Born Screen

New Born Screen

Test Name:   NewBorn Screen
Alternate Name (s):   NBS
Laboratory Module:   LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:   NBS
Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:   NewBorn Screen Card  
Collection Information:    
Test Schedule:  

Send Out Monday thru Friday

Turnaround Time:   Routine


Stat / Urgent
Reference Interval:    
Critical Values:    
Lab Process Notes :  
Includes the following tests
 Amino Acidemias
NBS-PKU:  Phenylketonuria and Variants/Biopterin Defects
NBS-MSUD: Maple Syrup Urine Disease
NBS-HCY:  Homocystinuria (Hypermethioninemias)
NBS-TYR:  Tyrosinemias
NBS-AA:   Amino Acidopathies, Other
 Organic Acidemias
NBS-C3:   Propionic/Methymalonic Acidemias
NBS-C5:   Isovaleric Acidemia/2 Methylbutyric Acidemia
NBS-C5DC: Glutaric Acidemia Type 1
NBS-C5OH: 3 Methylcrotonic/Hydroxymethylglutaric/Methylglutoconic/2-Methyl,3-Hydroxybutyric acidemias, or
                   B Ketothiolase Deficiency
 Fatty Acid Oxidation Defects
NBS-MCAD:  Medium Chain Acyl Dehydrogenase Deficiency/Glutaric  Acidemia Type 2
NBS-VLCAD:  Very Long Chain Acyl Dehydrogenase Deficiency
NBS-LCHAD: Long Chain hydroxy Acyl Dehydrogenase /Trifunctional Protein Deficiencies
NBS-CUD/CPT1:  Carnitine Uptake Defect/CPT1 Deficiency
NBS-FA:  Fatty Acid Oxidation disorders, other
NGS-GALT:  Galactosemia
  "Biotinidase Deficiency"
NBS-BD:  Biotinadase
  Endocrine Disorders
NBS-CHYPO:  Congenital Hypothyroidism
NBS-CAH:  Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia
NBS-SS:  Hb SS, Hb S/C, Hb S/b Thal
NBS-HBO:  Hemoglobinopathies, other
NBS-OA:  Organic Acidemias, Other

  Cystic Fibrosis

NBS-INT:  Final Interpretation test
Storage & Transport:   Package into NewBorn Screen Envelope
Test Referred to :    Ontario Newborn Screening Laboratory


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