An incision is made in the tympanic membrane in order to relieve pressure behind the eardrum and allow drainage from an inflammatory process of the middle ear.

Insertion of Eartubes

After myringotomy, small tube/s are inserted into the narrow channel connecting the middle ear and the nanpharynx (sinuses). This is to help promote drainage and alleviate pressure behind the eardrum.

Polypectomy (Nasal)

A polyp is a growth from a mucous membrane. If large enough, it can cause stuffiness, headaches and difficulties with breathing through the nose. Polypectomy is the surgical removal of these growth/s and is often done under topical anaesthetic.


This is an examination of the larnyx or voice box, involving a laryngoscope or hollow metal tube. It is passed through the mouth into the throat to examine the voice box and the walls of the throat. The procedure is done after using a topical anaesthetic to help freeze the back of the mouth and upper throat.

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