Palliative Care

Supportive Care provides a number of solutions for "end-of-life" care

Everyone deals with an illness in their own, unique fashion. Each patient and their family have different needs at various stages of an illness. Some people need help to deal with pain or other symptoms. Others need counselling and emotional support to deal with the questions they have about death, what waits beyond or how their family will carry on afterward. Still others just need information about the services available to them.

Just as the needs of the individual are unique, so too are the needs of the family. It is hard to watch the decline of someone close to you. Family members often want to share their emotions with someone and the Palliative Care Team provides ongoing support during an illness. They also offer bereavement counselling to the family in their time of loss.

What is Palliative Care?

  • The provision of information so that informed choices can be made.
  • Pain and symptom control.
  • Comfort and dignity.
  • Supportive care in the final phase of life.
  • Quality of life

Who does it?

A typical team consists of a physician, nurses, social worker, pastoral care representative and of course, the patient and their family. The team may also include other health care professionals such as a dietitian, physiotherapist/assistant or occupational therapist/assistant.

Wherever possible, The Brantford General Hospital works closely with the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network to provide services in the patient's own home. Some home-based patients may be admitted to hospital for short periods to provide symptom relief when necessary. Others may come into the hospital in the final stages of an illness if at-home care is no longer manageable.

For more information about this program, call the Palliative Care Program.

The phone number of The Brantford General is 519-751-5544.

We are located at 200 Terrace Hill St., in Brantford, Ontario

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