Before you Apply

Volunteering at Brant Community Healthcare System is a serious commitment. Before you apply, we want to make sure that you understand the volunteer role and the requirements of volunteering.

  • A typical volunteer placement is 2-4 hours per week
  • The minimum commitment is 6 months for adults and 60 hours for students.  Sign off on hours or confirmation letters by Volunteer Engagement Coordinators are available once the volunteer has reached the minimum required commitment.
  • Minimum age to volunteer is 15 years old
  • Volunteers must have excellent communication skills, including fluency in oral and written English. Knowledge of a second language may be an asset.
  • The volunteer role has certain boundaries and does not include any tasks that can only legally be performed by a healthcare professional (such as a physician, pharmacist, physiotherapist, laboratory technician, etc.) Such tasks are not included in any volunteer role descriptions. Volunteering will not allow you the opportunity to practice or develop your clinical or technical skills.
  • Applicants are accepted into the Volunteer Program based on the successful completion of the screening process and availability of a position that matches the applicant's skills and abilities. Completion of the application process does not guarantee placement at Brant Community Healthcare System.
  • Upon a successful interview and offer of placement, volunteers will complete a registration process that can take up to several weeks. Please ensure you can make the commitment to follow through with the required paperwork.
  • Student volunteers are required to purchase their uniform shirt ($27) before they begin volunteering.  Adults are assigned a vest but have the option to purchase a golf shirt if desired.
  • Health screening must be completed, including a 2-step TB skin test and bloodwork to confirm immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chicken pox)
  • A Police Clearance Check is required for all volunteer positions.  Prior to obtaining a Police Clearance please speak with a Volunteer Coordinator to ensure you obtain the correct type for the position you will have.
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