Our Vision

We will support and respect the Brant Community Healthcare System

Our Mission

We support the BCHS by working in partnerships and providing resources to improve the healthcare of our community

Our Values

Trust, Respect and Integrity

Both Volunteer Associations are an important part of the Brant Community Healthcare System. Members help to organize fundraising events and funds are redirected to patient care as well as purchasing medical equipment.


picutre of the orignal John H. Stratford HospitalBrantford General Volunteer Association History

Officially, the BGH Volunteer Association did not begin until 1903, but early in 1884, a group of prominent ladies from the community began a campaign for funds to help purchase supplies for what would be the John H. Stratford Hospital.

Mattresses, pillows, medicines and surgical instruments were a few of the items obtained with the $4.079.69 that they had collected. The Hospital opened in February of 1885.

The Auxiliary's purpose was to "assist the work of the hospital in every possible way, especially in the purchase of linen, bedding, etc. and small comforts for the sick, and to decorate the hospital upon all festive occasions".

In 1912, the Junior Hospital Auxiliary was formed. For many years this group of young women provided sewn articles (diapers, gowns, sheets, towels, washcloths) and new equipment for the Nursery.

In 1934, a Tea Room was opened in the basement at the end of the Aux. sewing room. Proving to be inadequate at this location, the Superintendent offered the room on the first floor that she used as a dining room.

Not until 1958 did the "Pink Lady" Service begin. Auxiliary members would take turns at the Information Desk from 7-8 each evening. Our Transport Service starting in 1970, providing assistance to several departments and services at the Brantford General.

As the Hospital has evolved, our Volunteer Association has changed to meet the circumstances that require our services. From the original 40 members to well over 400 volunteers now, we can be proud of our Volunteer Association and it's past accomplishments.


picture of the original The Willett Hospital

Willett Volunteer Association History

For over 80 years first as an Auxiliary and then as a Volunteer Association, Volunteers have supported The Willett Hospital in their aim to provide the best health care for the community.

Countless hours and dedicated service have been donated for the well-being of the patient's and their families.

The time and talents of many volunteers have been enlisted in selling HELLP Lottery Tickets, Tag Days, Delivery of Books, Christmas Bazaars', bus trips and Games Days in order to raise funds to purchase needed equipment.

Due to restructuring and the patient's move to the Brantford General Site, dedicated volunteers are facing new challenges.

With The Willett becoming a centre of excellence in Urgent Care, Primary Care, Outpatient Programs, Outreach Services and Health Promotion. We need volunteers now more than ever to help serve The Brant Community Health Care System.

Volunteer Positions Include: Adult Recreation Therapy Program, Asthma Clinic, Geriatric Clinic, Community Well Being Teams, Out-Patient Physiotherapy, Senior's Fitness Programs, Bulletin Board/Scrap Book, Community Volunteer Visitor, Odd Job Squad, Shop & Drive, Clerical, Volunteer Driver Program, Urgent Care/Imaging and Lottery.

All volunteers must complete a Health Review before commencing their volunteer role. Volunteers will be provided with information and orientation before commencing their volunteer role.

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