Student Placements

Student Coordinators at BCHS:

Karen Arnott, ext. 2522
Medical Affairs
Allied Health, Nursing, & High School Co-op
Learning Management Coordinator ext. 4252
Organizational Development


These are some of the requirements and opportunities you will encounter as you move from your first day experience into your various departments.

Orientation Checklist

For Students:

  • Complete online orientation and all paperwork sent in your welcome email prior to your start date
  • Complete e-learning courses/Health & Safety checklist within the first 7 days of your placement
  • Report to Security ( B Wing Level 1) to get your ID badge and submit your paperwork
  • Contact your preceptor or supervisor for an initial meeting

For Nursing Instructors:

  • Report to Security (B Wing Level 1) to get your ID Badge
  • All new instructors must attend in class computer training and update as required
  • Arrange computer training date for your group
  • Contact Nursing Student Co-ordinator Alainna Radcliffe ext. 4252 to book classrooms for post-conference; IT Training Lab space; to submit a list of students for passwords; and for information about lockers/change rooms

Non-Nursing Students

Steps for setting up placements:

Students that are interested in this type of placement can contact Alainna Radcliffe at If the hospital is able to accommodate your placement, the below information is required prior to your start date:

  • An Immunization Record- Includes MMR, Chicken Pox and a 2 step TB test (Last step is only valid for 1 year)
  • WSIB Work placement agreement / HS checklist
  • Police Check
  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • College / University
  • School placement coordinator & contact information
  • Program
  • Start and completion date of placement
  • Placement supervisor

Medical Students / Residents

If you interested in setting up an elective, please contact Karen Arnott, Administrative Secretary at

If you have already set up your elective/rotation and you need to obtain your ID Badge/Parking pass.

  • To obtain your ID badge you will need to go to Security (B Wing Level 1. They are open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. There is a $20 deposit on the badge which you will get back when your elective/rotation is complete and the badge is returned.
  • If you require a parking pass you can purchase one from the cashier office located beside Tim Horton's through the main doors of the hospital. The pass is $50/month.

Please see the Confidentiality Agreement. Please read, sign and bring the last page with you when you obtain your ID badge from Security.

Please be sure to have a letter of good standing submitted before your elective dates. The letter can be emailed to, or faxed to 519-752-0098

To set up an ER Horizontal Elective, and reply to to have your name added to the distribution list.

Mac-CARE arranges high quality educational opportunities in community and rural areas. Arrangements for CORE rotations for four weeks or longer for both McMaster residents and clinical clerks.

How to Apply:

Please visit the Mac-CARE website.

Please contact Shelley Friesen, Mac-CARE Program Coordinator at the Grand Erie Six Nations Clinicial Education Campus - Brantford Centre by email at, by telephone at 519-751-5801 or by fax at 519-751-5802 for further information regarding accommodation and travel guidelines.

Any questions regarding the Family Medicine Residency Program please contact:
Natalie Graham, Program Coordinator
Phone: 519-751-5544 ext. 2615 ~ Fax: 519-751-5803 ~ Email:

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