New Staff Orientation

Welcome to the Brant Community Healthcare System! You have only just started out on the pathway to a successful career here at the BCHS. There is much more for you to see and learn during your orientation period. 

For any questions or concerns about your orientation, please contact Human Resources at ext. 5526 (519-751-5526).

We offer an extensive orientation program for our new employees. All new hires will attend days 1 & 2. Please refer to your welcome email for the remainder of your schedule if applicable.

Day 1 - All staff to attend in class session

Time Room Topic
8:00 Boardroom Welcome to BCHS
8:30 Boardroom Foundation
8:45 Boardroom Employment Meeting - Pension and Benefits Administrator
9:45   Break
10:00 Boardroom Patient Experience
10:45 Boardroom Professional Practice and Patient Safety
11:15 Boardroom Diversity
11:45   Lunch
12:15 Boardroom SA/DV
12:45 Boardroom Volunteer Engagement
1:00 Boardroom Respectful Workplace
2:00   Break
2:15 Boardroom Customer Service
3:30 Boardroom Hospital Tour

Day 2 - All staff to attend in class session

Time Room Topic
8:00 Boardroom Required Organizational Practices (ROPs)
8:30 Boardroom Occupational Health & Safety 
9:30 Boardroom Break
9:45 Boardroom Emergency Codes
10:30 Boardroom Risk Pros, Vsnet, Bnet, Medworxx
11:15 Boardroom Privacy
11:45 Boardroom SEIU (for SEIU members only)
12:00   Lunch/Positive Identity Uniform Store (Main)
12:30 Boardroom Infection Control
1:45   Break
2:00 IT Room E Main Order Entry  (Required to attend: Nursing, Unit Clerks, Resipiratory)
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