• Patient Centred Care logoDemonstrates consistent, outstanding performance
  • Exceeds Job expectations
  • Demonstrates commitment to the organization
  • Demonstrates a willingness/enthusiasm to help out a patient, or be a team player
  • Contributes to fostering a positive workplace
  • Makes a difference in a patient’s/employees day
  • Demonstrates caring, courteous care to patients
  • Enhances team morale
  • Focuses on experience of safety, transparency, recognition, respect, dignity and choice
  • Shows respect for patient preferences (which includes involving the patient in medical decisions, respecting dignity and autonomy, creates an atmosphere respectful of individual patients)
  • Demonstrates coordination of clinical care and supporting services to reduce patients feeling vulnerable
  • Provides information and education to patients (which includes providing information of how to access care when required, providing instructions regarding referrals, specialists, services and location of such services)
  • Ensures patients are physically comfortable (which includes support for activities of daily living, surroundings and environment)
  • Involves, accommodates and supports families by recognizing their needs as well as their patients
  • Continuity and Transition (includes providing information, coordination of care and treatment/services on discharge and access to support services - clinical/social/physical and financial on an ongoing basis)
  • Provides emotional support to patient and their families, which includes lessoning anxiety over status, illness, finances, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to Employee Rewards & Recognition Policy in the BCHS Document Management System, specifically how it relates to applicable practices/legislation.

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