Steps to apply to internal job postings:

(first time users may want to print off the following instructions before proceeding with the job application).  Failure to follow these steps will result in an incomplete application and result in an applicant not being considered for a posting.

  2. Press login
  3. Username and Password are the same as your Outlook email account
    NOTE: The log-in is case-sensitive, make sure cap locks is not turned on. The system will lock you out after 3 tries with the incorrect login information. If this happens please wait 10 minutes and the lock will automatically clear. If you forget your log-in information please contact the I.T helpdesk at ext. 4357
  4. Click on your name under the BRA.LIVE HCIS link
  5. Click Internal Postings (right hand side of screen)
  6. Choose the job category you wish to apply to, i.e. Registered Nurse
  7. Make note of the Job Opening # that you wish to apply for. Click on position that you want to apply to (under position column) i.e. Registered Nurse, Full Time
  8. Review job posting
  9. Click Job Application (at top of screen) to apply
  10. Click on position you would like to apply to; if you want to apply for all positions listed press the Ctrl key and click on all positions you are interested in
  11. Add any comments under the Additional Comments, Qualifications and Experience
  12. Press Submit- Once you press submit you will get a confirmation stating "Your request has been received and is being processed. Thank you."
  13. Remember to log out of your session
    NOTE: There is a timeout feature on the Internet Gateway. If the system is left idle for 5 minutes it will automatically close the employee's session, this is for confidentiality and security purposes.

If you wish to submit your cover letter and resume please send to

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