Medical Student Bursary

In order to encourage qualified students to enter medicine, the Brant County Medical Association and the Community Physician Recruitment Committee, in conjuction with the City of Brantford, have established awards to be made to students with limited financial resources who intend to obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine. University students who have received their secondary school education in Brant County schools or are a resident of Brant County are eligible to apply.

To be considered please forward a completed application form along with a cover letter outlining the reasons for your intention to obtain a degree in medicine, and a letter from the medical school that you are a medical student in good standing.

The committee reserves the right to divide the awards between two or more candidates in any proportion if it should deem this advisable and to make no award if it fails to find a suitable applicant.

All completed application forms and required documents must be received by October 19, 2018.

You can print the application and send it by regular mail. Download the application form here.

If you have any questions, please contact Alice Preston or 519-751-5544, ext. 2354.

Please send applications to:
Alice Preston, Medical Affairs
Brant Community Healthcare System
200 Terrace Hill Street, Brantford, ON
N3R 1G9
Fax: 519-752-0098

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