Welcome to Volunteer Engagement

Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) has an excellent reputation for providing volunteers with a range of challenging and rewarding volunteer opportunities. We strive to maintain a high standard of excellence and look forward to working with volunteers who are highly motivated, have appropriate skills and will demonstrate a regular commitment to their placement.

The Brant Community Healthcare System has over 60 volunteer opportunities where volunteers can contribute their time by providing support to visit

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ors, patients/clients and their families, enhancing their quality of care. We have volunteer opportunities for adults or students at either site or both, for those seeking a rewarding volunteer experience.

The Volunteer Association and Volunteer Engagement work together to support the Mission, Vision and Values of the Volunteer Association and the BCHS. Volunteers assist in a number of areas, including patient care and safety as well as contributing towards financial support to our foundation. 

The BCHS Volunteers give hope and friendship to those in need. They help when asked and more importantly even when they're not. By volunteering you can learn new skills and sharpen old ones, help with communication, leadership, teamwork and time management. You may also have the chance to network with others and possibly vet out a new career avenue. Whether you want to do your part or make your mark, those that benefit from your help will just be happy you did, no matter the reason. hospitals, through Gifts Plus/Kiosk, HELLP Lottery Sales, Vendor program, BBQ, Jewelery & Book Sales, Tag Days and Games Days.

Looking for a Rewarding Experience?

Brant Community Healthcare System welcomes individuals who are reliable, have excellent customer service and communication skills to apply to volunteer with us.Volunteer with the Brant Community Healthcare System!


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