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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, also referred to as “intimate partner” abuse, is a crime in Canada. Primarily committed by men against women, domestic violence can be committed by women against men and also occurs in same–sex relationships.

Domestic Violence transcends all boundaries and stereotypes. It is found at all income and education levels, in all social classes, in all religions, and in all races and cultures.

Domestic abuse does not always involve physical violence. Abuse can include other forms of mistreatment and cruelty such as constant threatening, psychological/emotional, financial/material, spiritual and verbal abuse. It can also include sexual assault. Domestic abuse results from an imbalance of power and control in a relationship.

Who Can Access our Services?

We will see anyone at any time frame post assault.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Your visit is entirely confidential. Police will not be informed without your knowledge and consent.

Options of Care

You are in charge of the care that you receive while accessing services at the SA/DV treatment centre. All options will be explained to you in detail, and you can choose to accept all or a selection of the options. 

Emotional Support

You are given the opportunity to discuss what has happened to you with someone who is supportive and understanding. You will not be judged or forced to do anything that you are uncomfortable doing. You will be given the option to have follow up counselling and medical treatment.

Medical Examination

You are given the option of a physical examination to assess and treat any injuries including testing for sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis C, and sexually related infections including bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas, yeast infection, and bladder infections. We can also provide testing for pregnancy.  

Treatment can be given to reduce the chances of getting an STI or HIV.

The Morning After Pill also known as Plan B is also available.


You are given the opportunity to have a nurse document a history of the abuse, as well as the most recent incident. You have the option of having this documentation submitted to police for investigative purposes. Please note police will not be notified of your visit without your knowledge and consent. If you choose to do so, photographs of your injuries can be taken by the nurse and with your consent submitted to police.

Safety Planning

You have the option to participate in safety planning with the nurse. The safety plan is tailored to you and your plans, as well as the uniqueness of your life and current situation.

Community Resources

You have the option to be connected with numerous community resources and agencies. Together you and the nurse will work collaboratively to determine the resources that would be of the most assistance.

Follow Up

After your visit you are given the option of having a nurse contact you in a few days to see how you are doing.

This nurse can arrange for you to be connected with local support and counselling, and provide on-going emotional care.

The nurse will also offer follow up testing, to ensure that you remain medically well after your initial examination.

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