Recreation Therapy

People have a variety of ways they experience leisure while at home or in the community. Illness and time in hospital can leave people feeling isolated, depressed and unsure about what to do with their time.

Recreation Therapy is a way to help people find their leisure and provides opportunities to:

  • Keep their minds active
  • Keep their bodies active
  • Be creative
  • Encourage choice and decision making
  • Feel more like themselves
  • Spend time with other people
  • Reconnect with past leisure interests
  • Discover new leisure interests
  • Find leisure programs in the community

A recreation therapist meets with people to talk about their leisure interests and hobbies at home and in the community. We discuss if there is anything stopping them from doing their leisure activities and make a plan together to rebuild leisure skills and abilities.

A recreation therapist works with people one-to-one and in group programs.

To learn more about recreation therapy please visit the following websites:

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