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Nutrition Services

Much like prepared meals you purchase for use at home, Federally Inspected food manufacturers prepare the food items. The food items are developed to be lower in fat and salt, as well as providing the required amount of protein and nutrients for the hospitalized patient.

All meals are assembled at The Brantford General Site in Nutrition services. They are then distributed to the floors. Nutrition Services also provides catering and vending services at the Willett site. Contact 519-751-5544, ext. 2247 for further information.


How to order

Menus have been pre-determined for the type of diet a patient may be ordering. A "dislike" sheet will be reviewed with you upon admission. During that time any special needs or dislikes will be set up to ensure that you only receive items that you like and are appropriate for your diet.

At The Brantford General Site, the meals begin to be served at these times:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
8:00 a.m.  11:30 a.m. 4:45 p.m.
Note: These are approximate times only.

A number of selections are specially prepared for healthy choices. Please keep this in mind if you are not used to the taste of a "heart healthy" menu selection. The amount of each serving is also pre-determined to ensure a consistent quality. Feel free to eat only what you want to.

It will help our servers if you could prepare for your meal delivery. Please move your personal items and clear your over-bed table for your meal tray.

If your diet permits it and you would like a healthy snack at any time, they are available on each floor. Just ask your caregiver.

Menus and Diets

There are 48 Standard diets and 11 different textures set up. These can be arranged in any combination for the patient.

Clinical Dietitians

Clinical Dietitians identify nutrition problems, assess the nutritional status of patients, develop care plans and monitor the effectiveness of nutritional interventions. They usually work in hospitals, community health centres, health care facilities or home care where they may specialize in weight control, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, children and infants, seniors, or other special medical needs.

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