Mental Health Inpatient Program

What happens when your relative/friend has been admitted to the Mental Health Inpatient Unit.


An assessment is started immediately by the nursing staff. An initial assessment by a psychiatrist will be done within 24 hours of admission. The psychiatrist will direct your relative/friend's daily care through ongoing assessment and communication with team members. The mental health team consists of: family, pharmacist, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, therapeutic recreationists, family doctor and the psychiatrist. Any or all may be included in your relative/friend's care.

Family doctors will be kept informed of your relative/friend's progress and will visit on a regular basis or as needed. Your relative may be referred to one of several treatment programs offered here. You may be contacted by that program if appropriate.

Talk to us

Nursing staff will attempt to make contact, via telephone or interview, with family/friends shortly after admission. If you have information that you wish to share with the psychiatrist or the team, please contact nursing staff.

Nursing staff will be glad to talk to you about your relative's condition/progress and to answer questions related to hospitalization. Mental Health workers are bound by codes of confidentiality and it may not be appropriate or possible to share all information with you.

To contact nursing staff you may ask at the nursing station when you are visiting or you may telephone the unit at 519-751-5544, ext. 2424.

Visiting hours are designed to match our program and are different from the main hospital. If you are unable to visit during regular visiting hours please discuss this with your relative/friend's nurse.

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