Goals of the Program

  • Acute Day Treatment (ADT) is an outpatient group-based program designed to teach clients skills to recover from and/or cope with mental health and addiction issues
  • Clients will have the opportunity to learn about and connect with community resources
  • Clients are strongly encouraged to direct their own learning; by doing so, clients will have the opportunity to create specific goals to better meet individual needs

Structure and Format of Program

  • Length of program: Six weeks, Monday to Friday (except for statutory holidays)
  • Format of program: Three groups per day between 9:30am and 2:00pm with scheduled breaks
    • Largely group based support
    • 1:1 individual support is available as an adjunct to group participation
    • The following are examples of group topics:
      • Mental Health Diagnoses
      • Self-Talk & Affirmations  
      • Mindfulness Skills
      • Self-Esteem
      • Activity Engagement
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Communication Styles

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Adults 16 years or older who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Before participating in groups, all clients meet with a regulated health care professional for an initial assessment which will help clients determine how the ADT program may support them in their recovery journey
  • If, for some reason, the ADT Program does not meet the specific needs of an individual, staff will attempt to connect this individual to other community resources/services

How to get referred

  • Clients require admission by a psychiatrist in order to participate in the ADT Program

Staff of ADT

  • ADT Program staff include:
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Recreational Therapists
    • Social Workers
    • Clerical staff
    • Medication Clinic Nurse (by consultation)
    • Dr. P. Sharma is a consulting psychiatrist and will briefly meet with clients during the course of the ADT program
    • Please note all clients are encouraged to continue attending appointments with their psychiatrists in the community

Contact ADT

If you need to contact ADT directly: 519-751-5544 ext. 2657



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