The Medical Inpatient Program provides care to adults and their families who require acute medical care. Nurses, physicians and members of the allied health care team work in partnership with our patients and families to develop a plan of care to promote quality family-centered care.

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Visitor Information

The Medical Inpatient Program is located at the Brantford General site on the Level 6, 7 and 8 in B-Wing and on Level 5 of C-Wing. A flexible visiting policy is in effect. Please speak to a member of the care team for more information.

To Contact Us

To contact the medical unit where your family member is being cared for please call 519-751-5544:
C Wing, Level 5 Medical Cardiology - ext. 2566
B Wing, Level 6 Medical Inpatient - ext. 2630
B Wing, Level 7 Medical Inpatient - ext. 2366
B Wing, Level 8 Medical Inpatient - ext. 2575 

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In an effort to respond to questions, the nurse caring for your loved one will be happy to assist you. When you are calling the unit for information we ask that you designate one member of your family as the contact person to relay information to other family members.

The Medical Inpatient Program is committed to providing quality care. Your feedback is important to us so please let the members of your care team know if you have any issues or concerns so we can help.

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