Prepare for Your Birth
Your Hospital Stay: Labour and Delivery

The Family Birthing Centre provides excellent care to families with newborns and children. We work in partnership with families as we care for them in a supportive manner. To help us serve you better, we suggest you bring the following items with you for your hospital stay during labour and delivery.

For Mom, we highly recommend:

  • Feminine pads with maximum absorbency for heavy flow
  • Underwear, three to six pair
  • Personal care products
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • mouthwash
    • soap
    • brush and comb
    • shampoo and conditioner
    • shower cap
    • body lotion
  • Supportive or nursing bra
  • Nursing pads
  • Moisturizer for your lips
  • Food for labour coach (drinking boxes, chocolate bars, fruit etc.)
  • Money for vending machines and Tim Hortons
  • Nightgown or alternate clothing suitable for nursing
  • Lightweight housecoat and slippers
  • Icepack, hot pack, or hot water bottle


  • Pillow (identified by a bright pillowcase)
  • Tennis balls in a sock or a rolling pin in a towel
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Paper, pen, address book, phone numbers
  • Popsicles, Freezies
  • Camera
  • Socks
  • Personal music player

For Baby, we highly recommend:

  • Package of newborn diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Barrier cream, i.e., petroleum jelly
  • Clothing
  • Receiving blanket

For Baby, we require a:

  • Car seat at time of discharge


If you are having a C-section, please read this: Instructions for your C-Section

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