Post-Partum Care

  • While in hospital, every attempt is made to personalize the health teaching that new families receive.
  • Topics include personal care for mom, baby care, infant feeding, immunization and infant safety.
  • Information is often available in many different languages.
  • Our nursing staff is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding.
  • Families have the option of having the partner stay over after the birth of the child to assist with baby care through the night.
  • Moms who are discharged prior to their babies (baby is in the Special Care Nursery) have the option of staying overnight.
  • Early discharge sometimes makes it difficult to balance rest, family visits and patient teaching. While every effort is made to meet all learning objectives while in hospital, the Brant County Health Unit (through their program Healthy Babies, Healthy Children) offer follow-up support.
  • Your obstetrician will care for you in the 6 weeks following your delivery. If you have any concerns or questions about yourself during this time they should be directed to the obstetrician's office. The doctor will want to see you around 6 weeks postpartum to do a pap test and discuss birth control options.
  • Questions or concerns about the baby should be directed to your family doctor, the paediatrician caring for your baby, or the Brant County Health Unit.
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