Venous Cord Gases

Venous Cord Gases

Test Name:   Venous Cord Gases
Alternate Name (s):   CORDGASV
Laboratory Module:   LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:   BGCORDV
Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:   Heprinized syringe- 5.0 ml
Container Information
Syringe for GasesSyringe for Gases
Collection Information:   Specimen to be obtained by a Respiratory Tech or Physician in labour room.

Samples must be transported to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection, if not on ice.

Samples placed on ice slurry at collection may be transported to the laboratory within 2 hours of collection.

Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

< 4.0 hours

Stat / Urgent

< 1.0 hours

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:    
Lab Process Notes :   Blood Gas System

PH (Venous Cord)
PCO2 (Venous Cord)
PO2 (Venous Cord)
HCO3 (Cal.) (Venous Cord)
TCO2 (Cal.) (Venous Cord)
BE (Venous Cord)
O2SAT (Cal.) (Venous Cord)


Storage & Transport:   Transport to lab immediately on ice
Test Referred to :    On-site, BGH Laboratory


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