Torch (V38)

Test Name:   Torch (V38)
Alternate Name (s):   V38
Laboratory Module:   LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:   TORCH
Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:   Red - 5.0 ml
Container Information
Red TubeRed TubeMicro-Red TubeMicro-Red Tube
Collection Information:    
Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

7 days

Stat / Urgent
Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:    
Lab Process Notes :   Components:

Toxolasmosis Serology
Rubella-German Measles
Herpes Simplex Virus

Indicate whether test is for evidence of past exposure (Immunity-IgG) or for Diagnosis (IgM)

If congenital infection is suspected, submit a maternal serum specimen as well as one from infant to aid in the result interpretation. (Hand label the mother's blood to accompany the infants sample- no orders will be ordered in the computer for the mother)

Storage & Transport:   Store and transport refrigerated.
Test Referred to :    Public Health Laboratories, Hamilton


Updated on September 13, 2007.

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