PCR Blood (Viruses)

Test Name:    Blood PCR Virus
Alternate Name (s):    
Laboratory Module:    LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:  


Specimen Type:   

 EDTA Plasma

Collection Container:   5mL Lavendar 
Collection Information:    
Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 72 hours

Stat / Urgent

Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 72 hours

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:    
Lab Process Notes :  

 Approval for Testing must be done thru Microbiologist at St Joes Hospital

Requesting physician must call Dr Marek Smieja 289-218-9180


Specify virus in comments

Storage & Transport:    Send same day to St Joes Hospital Hamilton via Taxi
Test Referred to :    Reference Lab


Updated: 2018.10.23 ll

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