Occult Blood

Occult Blood       

Test Name:   Occult Blood
Alternate Name (s):   OCC
Laboratory Module:   LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:   OB ST
Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:   Occult Blood Card
Container Information
Occult Blood CardOccult Blood Card

A small sample of the stool specimen can be applied in a very thin smear on the coloscreen. Allow to air dry. Close the card. Label with patients name, date and time of sample collection.

Collection Information:   Patients should be placed on a high residue diet before and during sample collection. No red or rare meats. No fruits and vegetables (turnip, horseradish or melons) high in peroxidase activity.

It is recommended that the test be performed on three consecutive evacuations, or as close together as possible.

Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

< 4.0 hours

Stat / Urgent

< 1.0 hours

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:    
Lab Process Notes :    
Storage & Transport:  

Store at room temperature

Test Referred to :    On-site, BGH Laboratory


Updated as of March 20, 2007

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