Drug Screen Stool

Drug Screen Stool/Meconium

Test Name:   Drug Screen stool/Meconium
Alternate Name (s):    
Laboratory Module:   LAB
Ordering Mnemonic:   DS.M
Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:   Special Container provided by the Lab
Container Information
Collection Information:   Indicate CAS worker and Branch

Select Drug panel required

Chain of custody paperwork MUST accompany the specimen

Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

30 days

Stat / Urgent
Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:   A positive neonatal stool/meconium results, indicates in utero exposure to the drug during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Lab Process Notes :    
Storage & Transport:   A minimum of 1 gram of meconium is a meconium collection container. Keep the sample refrigerated.
Test Referred to :    In Common Laboratory - Toronto  testing performed in the USA

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