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Special Circumstance:Biopsies for Immunofluorescence

Contact the Department of Anatomical Pathology prior to performing any procedure which may involve Immunfluorescent Studies (IF) on Biopsies. IF studies play an important role in the evaluation of lesions for autoimmune bullous diseases, pemphigus and pemphigoid lesions and vasculitis.

The appropriate fixative (Michel's Medium) and a requisition from the reference laboratory will be provided to the clinician on request.

When sampling the lesion:

(a) Place a portion of the lesion in the IF fixative and representative portion in 10% neutral buffered formalin.

(b) Forward both specimens to the Pathology lab with a completed Surgical Pathology card and IF studies requisition. The reference laboratory has requested that the IF studies requisition be completed fully to assist them in properly handling and evaluating the specimen.

(c) The requirements for the proper labeling of the Surgical Pathology card and specimens containers also apply (See Sections II.1 and II.2).



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