Special Circumstance: Cytogenetic Studies for Product of Conception


Cytogenetics studies are not performed in The Brantford General Hospital Laboratory. Clinicians and departments requesting this testing must contact the Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory at McMaster University Medical Centre at 905-521-2100 ext 73707 to determine if the specimen meets testing criteria and for specific handling instructions. Costs for testing and specimen transport are the responsibility of the submitting department and are not paid for by the Department of Laboratory Services. Forms for the Regional Cytogenetics Laboratory (Requisition for Chromosomal Analysis Other than Cancer), sterile specimen containers and tissue culture medium (Minimum Essential Medium) can be obtained through the Anatomical Pathology - Histology Laboratory. The Cytogenetics requisition is also available on the HRLMP website.  Departments sending a large number of specimens for testing must supply their own tissue culture medium.  Specimens requiring cytogenetic studies must NOT be exposed to formalin as this renders the specimen unsuitable for testing.  When routine pathology testing is required, a separate specimen is to be submitted in formalin.



Handling Instructions


The specimen should be placed into the MEM as soon as possible, in order to preserve the tissue adequately for testing.  MEM is stored in the Pathology Lab, room  C6.618 in the refrigerator (pink fluid in clear bottle with a blue top).


The specimen shouldbe sent to McMaster during working hours. If the specimen is collected after hours or on a weekend, the specimen should be kept refridgerated until delivered.




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