Virus AB Direct

Virus Influenzae A/B Direct

Test Name:  

Virus Influenzae A/B Direct

Alternate Name (s):  


Laboratory Module:  


Ordering Mnemonic:  

This is a rapid procedure that must be pre-authorized by Infection Control or the Infectious Disease Physician.

This procedure is only orderable by the laboratory.

Please contact Infection Control ext. 2665.


Specimen Type:   


Collection Container:  

Copan Flocked Swab


Collection Information:  


Nasal/Nasopharyngeal - Insert flexible, fine-shafted swab into nostril or nasopharynx, rotate in circular manner to collect cellular material.

In General:
Swabs used must be sterile cotton, dacron or rayon with plastic or aluminum shafts. Do not use calcium alginate swabs and avoid swabs with wooden shafts.

Place swabs, scrapings and small pieces of tissue into a small volume of virus transport media.


Test Schedule:  

Pre-Approval Required

Turnaround Time:  


2 hours

Stat / Urgent

2 hours

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:  

As the virus is detected and identified the information is made available to the health care provider.

Lab Process Notes :  


Storage & Transport:  

Refrigerate samples until they can be transported to the laboratory. Once in the laboratory store in the refrigerator until it can be processed.

Test Referred to :   

On-Site, Brantford General Hospital

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