Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture

Test Name:   Tissue Culture
Alternate Name (s):    
Laboratory Module:   Microbiology
Ordering Mnemonic:  


Once tissue is selected as the source, a further description can be entered using the source dictionary. For instance:

ABD- Abdomen

HANL- Hand Left

GROR-Groin Right

LEGL- Leg Left

SCA- Scalp

Use the free text comment section  to define the exact location of where the specimen was obtained from for a more accurate processing of the specimen.


Specimen Type:   

A section of tissue from the area that is of concern to the health care physician.

The tissue may be obtained from any location on the body.

Collection Container:   Sterile Container
Container Information
Sterile Container
Collection Information:   Remove surface material by wiping with sterile saline or 70% alcohol.

The physician will take a portion of tissue in the area of question.

The tissue is then quickly transferred to a sterile container.

The sample is then labeled appropriately and then sent to the laboratory immediately.

If the physician is looking for anaerobes it is imperative that  the specimen be transported using the PRAS media, to facilitate the growth of both anaerobes and aerobes.


Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:   Routine

Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 1 to 5 days

Stat / Urgent

Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 1 to 5 days

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:   As growth is detected and identified the information is made available to the health care provider.
Lab Process Notes :    
Storage & Transport:   The specimen should be delivered to the laboratory STAT, with no delay and should not be transported through the automated delivery system.
Test Referred to :    On site, BGH laboratory


Updated: Feb 13/2015

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