Pinworm direct exam

Pinworm Direct Exam

Test Name:   Pinworm Direct Exam
Alternate Name (s):   Enterobius vermicularis
Laboratory Module:   Microbiology
Ordering Mnemonic:   PIN
Specimen Type:   

Sample collected from perianal skin

Collection Container:   Pinworm collection paddle

Sterile container

Container Information
Pinworm TransportPinworm Transport
Collection Information:   Use pinworm collection paddle. Collect sample first thing in the morning before the patient bathes or defecates. Press the paddle, sticky side down, firmly against the left and right perianal folds. Do not contaminate the tape with fecal material. Return paddle to container, ensure the container is properly labeled and transport to lab.
Test Schedule:  

Monday thru Friday send-out

Turnaround Time:   Routine

Final: 48 hours

Stat / Urgent

Final: 48 hours

Reference Interval:  

*The result will be presumptive-reflex tied to presumptive but cannot pull bug name from dictionary*

Critical Values:   If pinworm is identified the information is made available to the health care provider.
Lab Process Notes :    
Storage & Transport:   Specimen should be maintained at room temperature until transport. Once in the laboratory specimen should be stored at room temperature until the specimen can be processed.
Test Referred to :     Public Health Laboratories, Hamilton


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