PCR N.menigitidis/S.pneumo

Test Name:  

PCR N.menigitidis/S.pneumo

Alternate Name (s):  


Laboratory Module:  


Ordering Mnemonic:  


Specimen Type:   

Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Collection Container:  

Sterile CSF conical tubes


Collection Information:  

Tube 1- Glucose and protein

Tube 2- Microbiology (other tests)

Tube 3- Cell Count (Microbiology is x4 tubes collected)

Tube 4- Cell Count

The last tube collected will be processed for the cell count


Lumbar Puncture

Clean the puncture site with antiseptic solution and alcohol before needle insertion. Insert a needle with stylet at the L3-L4, L4-L5 or L5-LS interspace. When subarachnoid space is reached, remove stylet and spinal fluid will appear in the needle hub. Slowly drain CSF into sterile tubes.

Shunt Fluid

Clean the reservoir site with antiseptic solution and alcohol. Collect fluid through the reservoir unit and place it in a sterile tube.
Indicate method of collection on requisition.

Suggested Volumes:

Routine Culture (C&S) - 2 mL

Fungus Culture - 2 mL

Mycobacterium Culture - 2 mL

Virus Culture - 2 mL

Test Schedule:  


Turnaround Time:  


Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 72 hours

Stat / Urgent

Preliminary: 24 hours

Final: 72 hours

Reference Interval:  


Critical Values:  


Lab Process Notes :  


Storage & Transport:  

If after hours and no call-back is initiated the specimen should be stored at room temperature in the STAT container.

Test Referred to :   

On site, BGH Laboratory

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