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If you live in the Brant County area, had a sore throat and your doctor took a throat swab, chances are that it ended up in the Regional Lab at the Brantford General site of the Brant Community Healthcare System. Your doctor depends on the lab professionals to identify the cause of your sore throat to help determine how to treat your illness. (Notice* - We do not offer walk-in laboratory services at the hospital.)




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  • Over 165 million laboratory tests are performed each year in Ontario's laboratories.
  • There are over 7,500 regulated Medical Laboratory Technologists working in Ontario.
  • The Regional Lab at the Brantford General site has over 20 Lab Assistants, 45 Medical Laboratory Technologists and 4 Pathologists.
  • The coloured caps on tubes of blood are used to indicate the type of preservative that is contained in the tube.
  • The over-prescribing of antibiotics can lead to the development of "super bugs" - bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics.-
  • The most recently developed test is the PCR test using DNA fragments to hunt for superbugs.
  • The Laboratory at the Brantford General occupies 18,000 sq. ft.-The Brant Community Healthcare System performs over 1.5 million procedures per year.
  • It is important to follow instructions given to you by your healthcare practitioner before any lab test. For example: Taking just one aspirin will affect your platelets - the component in your blood that causes clotting - for 10 days


Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario
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