Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates

Patient safety remains the most important priority for the Brant Community Healthcare System and this involves ensuring that patients are not at risk for contracting healthcare-associated infections.

We have a number of practices in place to help prevent and control infections, including a comprehensive hand hygiene program. All Ontario hospitals are required to annually post their hand hygiene compliance rates to further promote accountability and transparency within the health system.

Here are our hand hygiene rates, presented according to the guidelines given by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MoHLTC).  Hand hygiene data is only updated once per year.


What can patients do to help improve their own safety?
Hand hygiene involves everyone in the hospital, including patients. Hand cleaning is one of the best ways you and your health care team can prevent the spread of many infections. Patients and their visitors should also practice good hand hygiene before and after entering patient rooms.

Visit the Just Clean Your Hands website.

After you have read the information presented here, and if you still have questions about hand hygiene at BCHS, please ask us.

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