Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine at the Brant Community Healthcare System features state-of-the-art equipment and experienced and qualified staff. Test results from examinations completed at the Brant Community Healthcare System have been reviewed by independent examiners from the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine and were found to be of excellent quality.

Patients should know that they may choose to have their nuclear medicine examinations such as bone scans, lung scans, and cardiac scanning procedures completed at their choice of clinic, either private or within hospitals. When hospitals receive funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for these procedures, the funds remain with the hospital to be used to support hospital programs for the beneift of the local community. Physician orders do not dictate where exams are to be completed. As some nuclear medicine examinations take place over a number of hours or over two days, having the study completed closer to home is often in the patient's best interest.

If you have any questions about having a scan completed at the Brant Community Healthcare System, please call Dr. Christopher O’Brien, Chief of Nuclear Medicine and President of the Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine at 519-751-5544, ext. 2455.



Unlike x-ray examinations, studies in nuclear medicine are performed by administering slightly radioactive materials to a patient and then imaging with a camera that detects the emissions. The camera does not give off radiation.

Although most studies involve the intravenous injection of the material, some studies use an injection in the skin or spinal canal. There are even examinations that have a radioactive label in food that is then eaten. The material administered in these tests localizes within the patient and is used to measure the function of a particular organ system. In many instances, observing the changes in the function of an organ is a very sensitive way to detect a disease process.

In general, nuclear medicine studies provide a low dose of radiation and side effects and allergies to the materials are extremely rare.

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