Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

patient having an MRI


MRI is used to image a wide variety of disorders in all regions of the body. It has been most commonly used for imaging of the brain, spine and muskuloskeletal systems but is also currently being used to image the organs of the chest and abdomen with increasing frequency.

Rather than using x-rays, MRI units use magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images. There is no radiation involved. Some exams require the use of injected contrast material. This is specially designed for MRI use and is not the same as x-ray contrast.

The production of MRI images is highly complicated. MRI images are produced primarily by manipulating protons (sub-atomic particles) in water and fatty tissues of the body. A very basic illustration of this follows:

diagram explaining how MRI images are produced

Sample Images:

picture of M.R.I. of  head picture of M.R.I. of  head. picture of M.R.I. of spine
MRI of  head MRI of  head MRI of spine
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