Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is a Canadian initiative that is aimed to improve appropriateness and access to the services in which we provide. Our Hospital and LHIN Partners are working together to share this information in a collaborative manner throughout our Region. As we continue to optimize services to provide appropriate access for our patients, the demand continues to rise and impact wait times throughout the province, and nationally. Our Goal is to inform our providers and patients on the risks associated with radiation dose vs. benefit to ensure informed decisions can be made regarding care paths. This information has been shared with all Medical Staff, Group Leaders, Team Leaders and Presented at MAC.

What is Choosing Wisely?

  • A national campaign, led by the medical profession
  • Help physicians and patients:
    • Engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures
    • Make smart and effective choices
  • Ensure patients get care they need and avoid tests, treatments and procedures that could cause harm

 What is the Goal of the Hospital and our local LHIN Partners?

  • To dramatically improve the patient experience through Quality, Integration & Value
  • To provide our communities with the best possible care while decreasing our CT and MRI wait times to the provincial target, LHIN-wide.
  • Collaborate to improve CT and MR wait times for patients
  • The goal is to assist our referring physicians to:
    • choose the appropriate imaging study
    • ensure resources are available to educate patients
    • actively promote the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign to physicians and patients
  • To improve CT and MR wait times through appropriate utilization
  • To reduce unnecessary radiation dose to your patients
  • To ensure that your patient understands the risks of a procedure and will make an informed decision regarding his/her care
  • To ensure that you have all of the information that you need to make the right decision for your patient


Choosing Wisely Canada is about changing the culture that more is always better when it comes to medical tests and procedures.”

The goal of this is about providing good care with the right patient getting the right test and treatment and avoiding unnecessary tests and procedures.”

Dr. Wendy Levinson, founder of Choosing Wisely Canada

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