Complex Care Integrated Program

Those admitted to the program are persons whose complex needs will best be met in a multidisciplinary hospital setting as they require skilled, technology-based care. This program is located at the Brantford General site of the Brant Community Healthcare System. There are four current program streams in the Complex Care Integrated Program: Short-Term Complex Medical Management, Activation and Restoration, Low Intensity Rehabilitation, and Palliative Care.

Excellent Medical Care

  • Skilled Nursing
    The skilled nursing staff at the BGH are registered professionals who make sure that your medical needs come first.
  • Medical Care
    Medical care is provided in consultation with experts in the field.
  • Family Conferences
    Regular patient care conferences are held. The family and the patient are invited along with representatives from each discipline. The team discusses the patient's progress and suggestions or changes that may be made. Having all the disciplines available in one room is a great help when it comes to making important decisions

Therapy Services

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