What We’re Doing to Make Sure You Get a Bed Faster

Like many healthcare providers in the province the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) is facing a shortage of patient beds. BCHS has implemented five steps to improve the likelihood and speed to which a patient gets into a bed they can call their own within hospital. These five initiatives will minimize the number of empty beds and unnecessary room transfers, decrease costs and maximize patients’ healthcare time.

1. Bed Management Meetings
Clinical Group Leaders are meeting twice daily and reviewing bed information to ensure no stone is left unturned when trying to find patients a bed to call their own.

2. Early Identification of Patient Discharges
On a regular basis staff review patients who are fit enough to be discharged as we try to always have empty beds for new patients.

3. Infection Control Co-horting of Patients
To contain infections and use beds efficiently we admit patients with the same type of isolation in the same ward room.

4. All-Gendering of Patient Rooms
Patients will be placed in rooms based on availability, illness, etc. prior to preference of gender. All-gender rooms should minimize the number of empty beds and unnecessary room transfers, decrease costs and maximize patients’ healthcare time.

5. Admitting Patients to Hallway Bed Spaces on Inpatient Units Until a Room Space Becomes Available
Unfortunately, sometimes the number of patients needing a bed does not match up with the number of beds we have. BCHS staff will only place patients in hallways as a last resource. We will work to the best of our ability to ensure each patient has a bed.

These five initiatives may not be conducted in order, as it will depend on each individual’s situation and best pathway to care.

BCHS staff will work as fast as possible to find a bed for each patient. Wait times for a bed depend upon availability, the number of patients currently admitted to the hospital, and several other factors. BCHS staff will be sure to keep patients informed of the process.

BCHS respects the need for privacy and dignity when personal care is provided. BCHS staff will ensure curtains are drawn tightly and bathroom doors are closed where possible. If patients have any concerns with regards to privacy, they are encouraged to ask any BCHS staff, physicians or volunteers.

Patient safety and security are always in consideration when placing individuals in a room with another patient. BCHS staff are trained to handle many situations and BCHS security are always on site, should they be needed. If patients feel their safety or security is threatened, they are encouraged speak to their healthcare provider.

If you have any questions regarding our patient flow initiatives, please contact BCHS at 519-751-5544, ext. 5558, via e-mail at communications@bchsys.org, or through our online comment cards at www.bchsys.org/hospital/patients/faq_form.

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