The move toward enhanced and effective engagement of patients, families and the community-at-large is an ever increasing priority for hospitals and other healthcare service providers.  It is also recognized that the emphasis on patient-and-family-centred care is not restricted to the bedside and clinical activities, but does and must include engaging individuals, including the public or community at large, in the planning, development and improvement of healthcare services and policies.  

The practice of patient and public engagement, therefore, occurs in three domains. The figure below is adapted from the Vancouver Coastal Health Integrated Primary and Community Care Patient and Public Engagement Framework.


Vancouver Coastal Health, April 2011, Integrated Primary and Community Care Patient and Public Engagement Framework

Engaging with our Communities for Better Health Care

Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) is committed to communicating with and listening to the communities we serve.  Promoting a two-way conversation between BCHS and patients, family members, providers and the community-at-large is important in bringing the community’s ideas and concerns to our healthcare planning and decision-making processes.  It represents an important component of our overall strategy to improve the healthcare experiences of the individuals we serve.  

There are many opportunities for you to become involved:

Helpful Links page

As an active partner in your own health care management, having access to information about health care services and resources is important.  Below, you will find links to some helpful websites.

Choosing Wisely Canada: a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures

Health Care Connect: helping you find a family doctor or nurse practitioner

Health Line: helping you find information about health and community services

Speak Up: a website to help think and talk about advance care planning

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