When You Arrive

The first person you will see will be the Triage Nurse who will ask for details about your present complaint, current medications and allergies.

You will also speak with the Emergency Department Registration Clerk who will ask for your health card and some background information. You may then be escorted to a treatment room, or be asked to wait in the waiting room until an examination room becomes available.

Emergency Doctor

Medical evaluation will be directed to your presenting problem. If the problem can be diagnosed and treated in the Emergency Department, the Doctor will do so. If more extensive tests or treatment are required, you will be either admitted to the hospital, referred to your Family Doctor, or referred to a clinic for more extensive evaluation.

Family and Friends

We may ask your family and friends to wait in the Emergency Waiting Room until you have been assessed.

While in the Emergency Department patients are limited to two (2) visitors per patient due to space issues.

The Mental Health Crisis team and Emergency Social Worker provides 24 hour support to families awaiting the outcome of emergency treatment or who have lost a loved one as well as those patients whose medical condition is less serious.

Discharge Instruction

You will be given "after care" instructions. Make sure you understand the information given to you.

If your condition worsens or if you are concerned, please return to the Emergency Department.

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