Emergency Preparedness

At any given time, hospitals must be prepared to respond to all emergencies that may arise within hospital facilities or the community at large. In order to ensure that the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) has a coordinated effective emergency response, it is imperative that hospital emergency plans and emergency codes are regularly implemented, tested and maintained.

The BCHS Emergency Plans Committee provides continuous direction and support for the development, implementation and maintenance of all policies and procedures encompassing emergency and disaster management functions; thereby, ensuring the safety of patients, visitors, employees, physicians, volunteers and the community.

The emergency codes system at BCHS was developed based on the standardized colour code system set by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) to ensure uniformity amongst hospitals province wide. Consistency across hospitals also facilitates the transition of essential information to the responding code teams to ensure optimal response, while preventing stress or panic among patients and visitors.

Emergency Preparedness Colour Codes


* Code Amber is currently under development.


Group Leader in any department or

Christina Andrews, BCHS Emergency Plans Coordinator

519-751-5544 Ext. 2435


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