Cell Phones

The use of Cellular Phones/Smart Phones and Wireless Devices are allowed in the hospital for personal use unless otherwise specifically posted within the facility. To protect the safety, privacy and comfort of our patients, BCHS requests that cell phones not be used during the quiet hours from 8 pm to 8 am. BCHS requests that all users use their communication device in a way that minimizes noise and avoids disrupting our patients.

In order to protect patient & staff confidentiality, the use of any device with the capability of taking still or motion photographs is prohibited within BCHS, except when authorized by a BCHS healthcare provider, or with the consent of a patient. The photographs or video recording must be done under supervision of healthcare provider.

The use of approved wireless technology will be allowed within the Hospital where it can make a contribution to the operation of the hospital and the quality of patient care, in keeping with the requirements of hospital policies. Approved wireless devices include handheld data collection units, voice communication handsets, hospital issued pagers and employee cell phones/smart phones/pagers that have been registered for hospital use in active directory.

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