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At the Brant Community Healthcare System, we are always analysing how we are performing. To accomplish this we use different performance indicators to get a sense of where we excel and where improvements can be made. This process is vital to our commitment to the community and for providing quality and safe care for patients.

Our Board of Directors believe it is important that the community we care for has access to this performance information.

This web page is intended to be a short, practical resource for anyone interested. The indicators relate to:

About Using Performance Indicators

The methods we use for making comparisons changes for each set of data. Where possible, we report our performance in relation to provincial and national hospital targets or averages. These performance indicators are not meant to give medical advice or guarantee the Brant Community Healthcare Sytem's services. It is always a good idea to talk with your doctor about your treatment and about which hospital may be best for your care.

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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Declaration of Values
As a patient, you have rights and responsibilities. This document makes clear what they are.

Patient Safety Links


If you have patient care or safety concerns at the Brant Community Healthcare System, please use this on-line form to report on the incident.

We are committed to resolving any care and safety issues you may have in a timely manner.


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