If you are looking to make a request for record(s) under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Prvacy Act, please visit our Freedom of Information page.

How to Request Personal Health Records

We respect your right to access your own personal health information regarding the treatment you received at Brant Community Health Care System.  We share your personal health information with health care providers so they may treat and assess you.  To access your information you may speak to your physician or contact our Release of Information office.

You should be aware that at least 72 hours is required to process most requests for release of records to patients.


How do I get a copy of my personal health records?
You can receive a copy of your health records by providing a signed consent form, prepayment, photo identification and legal documentation if necessary.

What happens if I am inquiring about records for a deceased patient?
To obtain records for individuals who are deceased, original legal documentation of a will or power of attorney (POA) of personal care are required.  If these documents are not available please contact Release of Information for further instructions.

Does it cost me anything to request medical information?
To cover the cost of time and supplies there is an administrative fee for requests.

For further information on fees and payment please see the table below.

Fee Structure

Requests for Personal Health Record

$30 for first 20 pages and $0.25 for each page thereafter

To view your Personal Health Record (Supervised)
Appointment is necessary

$6.75 for every 15 minutes

Proof of Attendance


Proof of Birth (Date, Time, Weight and Delivery Doctor)


Production of a CD (Diagnostic Imaging)


Insurance Company
(original consent required – fax documents not accepted)

$160 for the 20 pages and $0.25 for each page thereafter

Lawyer Requests
(original consent required – fax documents not accepted)

$30 for first 20 pages and $0.25 for each page thereafter

Release of Information (Health Records) Contact Information:

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: 519-751-5544, ext 2483
Fax: 519-751-5867
E-mail: ROI@bchsys.org

Form: Consent to Disclose Health Information Form (PDF)

If the information you are requesting is contained in a provincial health repository please contact ehealth Ontario: http://www.ehealthontario.on.ca/en/ehr/accessing-your-ehr

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