Q. What does the word “Accreditation” mean?
Accreditation is defined as a process that provides official recognition, endorsement or certification that an organization meets or exceeds pre-defined standards of excellence.

Q. How do hospitals get accredited?
Hospitals and other healthcare services must demonstrate evidence of compliance with pre-established standards of excellence. In Canada these standards are developed and compliance evaluated by Accreditation Canada, formerly known as The Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA).

Q. Is accreditation mandatory?
No, overall hospitals are not required to be accredited.

Q. Is accreditation free?
No – organizations pay an annual fee

Q. Why does the BCHS participate, if we don’t have to and it costs us money?
Accreditation is one of the ways in which the BCHS publicly demonstrates accountability and our ongoing commitment to quality improvement to our patients and community. Certain organizations such as Colleges and Universities require that their partners are accredited organizations i.e. being accredited ensures that we can continue to benefit from student, resident/intern placements, as well as provide some specialty services

Q. What is involved in the accreditation process?
The accreditation process is a two-step process. The 1st step is for Hospitals and other healthcare services to complete a self-assessment document. The 2nd step is to have an on site survey, where members of Accreditation Canada come to the BCHS to discuss our responses to the self-assessment and to observe all the good things we do for our patients.

Q. Who is involved in the accreditation process?
Every staff member of the BCHS is part of the accreditation process. The standards of excellence are the guiding principles under which all of our activities, systems and processes operate.

Q. When is our next accreditation?
Accreditation Canada will be visiting the BCHS for its next on-site survey in February of 2018.

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